Nurse Freedom Network is launching a Legislative Correspondence Campaign. We are going to be writing emails and letters to show our support for these extremely important bills surrounding medical freedom. We are recruiting each of YOU to join us in our efforts!

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Sample Letter: Use as a guide only, please personalize your letters. Include any personal stories or testimonies for a greater impact.

20220218,TN Legislature-Medical Freedom Bills-REVISED

We recommend sending letters to the members of the specific committee that these bills are in, as of right now that is going to be the Health Sub-committee in the House. You can find these members here:

Optionally, you may also choose to include your representatives, even if they do not sit on these committees.

Find Your District Senator and Representative and their contact information Here:


How can you impact legislation for medical choice in Tennessee? We need your help! Please share!!

FLCCC (Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance) doctors Pierre Kory, MD and Paul Marik, MD will testify before the Tennessee Legislature on March 1st, 2022 at the Capitol in Nashville in support of SIX landmark medical freedom bills that promise to vastly improve COVID-19 care and save lives. We also need to PACK the chambers for this testimony! If you’re able to attend, please plan to do so, and wear RED to symbolize our solidarity in the fight for medical freedom.

The FLCCC doctors, along with Global Covid Summit doctors Ryan Cole, MD, Richard Urso, MD, and John Littell, MD, will also meet with legislators to help educate them on the important medical issues behind the proposed laws.



Let Doctors Be Doctors(prohibits medical licenses from being threatened for treating COVID-19)

Full bill text:


Natural Immunity(recognizes that resolved COVID-19 infection confers immunity against COVID)


Ivermectin as Standing Order (health care providers are authorized to use IVM as a COVID protocol)

Full bill text:


Ivermectin OTC (IVM is available over-the-counter)

Full bill text:


Patient’s Bill of Rights



?Your donations make this possible! Donate and help us today! Video:

All donations to support them will go towards the following:

–Cost of travel and lodging in support of the doctors’ vital testimony to the Tennessee Legislature.

–A doctor-led educational meeting and dinner downtown for the legislators where they will be informed of the essential medical data in support of these bills, as well as the significant impact the bills would have on the health of all Tennesseans. Tennessee doctors supporting these bills will also be presenting.