Looking for Volunteers to Advocate for Homeopathic Medicine

Sep 28, 2022

Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine that is currently under attack by FDA, with the sale of homeopathic medicines now in a state of quasi-legality. If you are unfamiliar

Action Alert: Dietary Supplements at Risk

Jul 16, 2022

DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS AT RISK Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs Proposed legislation in the Senate would greatly increase the FDA’s regulation of all dietary supplements, including vitamins, minerals, and herbs. S.4348, the FDASLA

Legislative Bills watched by Tennessee Stands

Feb 22, 2022

There are Many bills in Legislation that need to be watched!! Visit Tennessee Stands   Visit this link and TAKE ACTION https://tennesseestands.org/takeaction/

SJR 0861 Right to Grow Food—Will be heard Feb 22

Feb 21, 2022

Contact your senators in support of SJR 0861, the right to grow food. Visit this link to get contact information for the committee members https://www.capitol.tn.gov/Senate/committees/judiciary.html       This adds

HB2388 – Be able to recall school board members–Will be Heard Feb 22 at 4:30pm

Feb 18, 2022

Hey friends, HB2388 is on the agenda for House K-12 Subcommittee this Tuesday. Can you all take 5 minutes and make some calls? By deleting one subsection of law, voters

Bills to Watch – Week of Feb 13th

Feb 13, 2022

2/14/22 MONDAY   House Government Operations Committee @ 1:30pm HB1748 by Ragan. (SB1950 by Roberts). SUPPORT!!! Administrative Procedure (UAPA) – Amends TCA Title 4, Chapter 5. As introduced, changes the

Bills to Watch – Week of Feb 6th

Feb 08, 2022

Here are the bills to watch this week in the Tennessee Legislature:   Monday HB 1748 / SB 1950 House Government Operations Committee (Monday) 2/7/22 @1:30pm Administrative Procedure (UAPA) –

FDA Comments Needed for Pfizer Jab – 6 months to 5 year olds

Feb 08, 2022

Comment by February 10th for the FDA’s VRBPAC meeting, where they will be voting to recommend an EUA for the Pfizer shot for the 6 month to 5 year old group.

HR 550 – Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act of 2021

Dec 16, 2021

HR 550 is a bill that recently passed the House of Representatives, and is currently in committee in the Senate. This bill provides funding for connecting immunization record databases at