Here are the bills to watch this week in the Tennessee Legislature:



HB 1748 / SB 1950

House Government Operations Committee (Monday) 2/7/22 @1:30pm

Administrative Procedure (UAPA) – As introduced, changes the approval process, filing requirements, and effective date of emergency rules. – Amends TCA Title 4, Chapter 5.

SB 1815

*Kelsey (HB 1862 by *Sexton J) – Senate Regular Calendar (Monday) 2/7/22 @4pm

As introduced, requires, beginning with the 2022-2023 academic year, each four-year public institution of higher education to obtain the score of each student seeking admission to, or enrollment in, the institution as an entering freshman on a postsecondary readiness assessment or nationally recognized college admissions test before the student may be admitted or enrolled. – Amends TCA Title 49




*Weaver (*SB1352 by Gardenhire.) House Civil Justice Subcommittee (Tuesday) Feb 8 @9:00am

Eminent Domain – Amends TCA Title 29, Chapter 16, Part 1. As introduced, prohibits the exercise of eminent domain to acquire private property for trails, paths, or greenways for walking, running, hiking, bicycling, or equestrian use unless the private property runs alongside a highway, road, or street; makes other related changes

SB 1820

*Kelsey, Briggs   (Tuesday) 2/8/22 @10:30am Senate State & Local Gov’t

(HB 1868 by *Vaughan).   (Tuesday) 2/8/22 @12pm House Local Government Committee 

 Election Laws- As introduced, prohibits instant runoff and ranked choice voting in this state. – Amends TCA Title 2.


*Freeman. House Financial, Ways &Means Committee  (Tuesday) 2/8/22 @3:00pm

(*SB0825 by Yarbro.) Senate State and Local Government Committee (Tuesday) 2/8/22 @10:30am

Local Government, General – Amends TCA Title 7, Chapter 51, Part 10. As introduced, authorizes governmental entities to regulate entertainment transportation services.



*Casada. (SB1837 by Hensley.)  (House) STATE Government Committee (Tuesday) 2/8/2022 @1:30pm

Religion and Religious Organizations – Amends TCA Title 58. As introduced, prohibits the state, a political subdivision, or a public official from prohibiting, or imposing additional restrictions on, the lawful operations of a church or religious organization, including religious services or activities, during a state of emergency, major disaster, or natural disaster.


HB 1880

*Rudd / SB1830 (Hensley) (Tuesday) 2/8/22 @4:30pm House K-12 Subcommittee 

 Local Education Agencies – As introduced, requires local boards of education to provide an opportunity for at least 10 people to speak on any topic related to the board for at least three minutes per person at each public meeting and to provide an opportunity for people to submit written public comments to the board. – Amends TCA Title 8, Chapter 44 and Title 49 and Chapter 2




Whitson. (SB1784 by Lundberg.) (Wednesday) 2/9/22 @3:00pm Senate Education Committee

Education, Dept. of – Amends TCA Title 49. As introduced, creates a Tennessee state library coordinator position within the department; establishes the duties of the Tennessee state library coordinator.

SB 0657

*Bowling – HB 0578 by *Ragan , WEAVER.    House Health Committee @2:00pm


Children – As introduced, prohibits the provision of sexual identity change therapy to prepubescent minors; prohibits the provision of sexual identity change therapy to minors who have entered puberty unless a parent or guardian has written recommendations for the therapy from at least three physicians; punishes violations as child abuse; designates violations by healthcare professionals as professional misconduct.
STATUS:  HB 578 is scheduled in House Health Committee on Wednesday.
ALERT:  This is an extremely important bill.  PLEASE click on the Committee link and urge the members to support


Tennessee Stands Bills to keep a look out for:


Election Laws – As introduced, revises provisions relating to voter registration; provides mechanisms by which to verify a voter’s eligibility to vote; grants general assembly standing in cases involving violation of election laws. – Amends TC


Human Rights – As introduced, designates as an unlawful discriminatory practice certain actions taken by a person, public officer, public employee, governmental entity, employer, or place of public accommodation against an individual on the basis of the individual’s vaccination status, immunity status, or whether the person has an immunity passport; makes various other changes related to COVID-19. – Amends TCA Title 4; Title 14; Title 39; Title 50; Title 63 and Title 68.


House Assigned to Elections and Campaign Finance Subcommittee

Election Laws – As introduced, requires county election commissions to use only ballot-marking devices or hand-marked ballots and tabulate the ballots using an electronic tabulator or by a hand count; specifies the distance from which a poll watcher may observe the counting and processing of ballots; requires certain security features on paper ballots. – Amends TCA Title 2.


Local Education Agencies – As introduced, broadens, from only Madison County to statewide, the authority to recall a local board of education member. – Amends TCA Title 6, Chapter 31, Part 3 and Title 49.